Why "I Love Quake II"?

Someone once said that you never forget your first love. Someone else told me that you always remember the first time you played a multiplayer first-person shooter online. The two statements seem to me to be true and they combine in my experience of Quake II.

In 1997 I had no money and I was struggling along with an Amstrad PC1640. It had a Word Processor, I could connect to Usenet and the odd BBS (some of them were very odd). I played Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D on it but it choked on Doom and the original Quake was out of the question so I never even looked at it. (Don't worry, I've played it since and love it too.)

Then synchronicity struck.

I got a decent job, I got my first credit card and the Amstrad died in a very dramatic way. Screeching and smoking to it's end. So impressive was it's demise that my partner made a rash statement. "It looks like you'll need a new one" she said. I had an excuse to spend money!

At the time a Pentium II 266MHz with a Nvidia Riva128 card was the dog's danglers and it cost a small fortune, especially with the DVD drive and 17" monitor. So I signed over my soul and bought one. "You'll need something to show it off," said the salesman. So I left with a DVD of Blade Runner and a copy of Quake II. Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies, I've been a big Philip K. Dick fan since my early teens and I enjoyed the DVD, but I only watch the movie about once a year. I've played, edited or just noodled around with Quake II at least once a week since I first installed it.